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Friday, February 15

1.00-2.15: Germanic Excursions
Greenlaw 318
Moderator: Luke Mills

“Faust mit springen: the English Players Returning Faust to Germany” — Kevin Chovanec, UNC-Chapel Hill

Sche ouer se ferde: Insight on the Etymology of ‘she’ through an Overlooked Attestation” — Axton Crolley, University of South Carolina

Ofer Harne Stan: Landscape, Legend, and the Mysterious in the Depiction of Grendel’s Mere” — Gregory Vaillancourt, Wake Forest University


2.30-3.45: Marginal Women: Margery and Guinevere
Greenlaw 318
Moderator: Kit Curtin

“Margery Kempe and Subversive Female Piety” — Valerie Voight, NC State University

“‘I Don’t Know How to Love Him’: Queer Virginity in the Book of Margery Kempe” — Danielle Sanfilippo, University of Rhode Island

“Guinevere: Arthur’s Amorphous Queen” — Rebecca Brodney, NC State University


4.00-4.50: Life on the Edges?
Greenlaw 318
Moderator: Paul Stapleton

“Insipid Marginalia: On the Methodological Problems of Thoughtless Annotators” — Vaughn Stewart, UNC-Chapel Hill

“What did Renaissance Language-Learners Write in Their Books?” — Andrew Keener, Northwestern University


5.00-7.00: Dinner


7.00: Keynote
“The Battle of Hastings on the Bayeux Embroidery”
Professor Stephen D. White, Emory University

Greenlaw 101


8.00-9.00: Reception
Donovan Lounge — 2nd Floor


Saturday, February 16

8.00-9.00: Breakfast Refreshments
1st Floor


9.00-10.15: Flesh-eating Monsters
Greenlaw 104
Moderator: Euan Griffiths

“‘The Best and Sweetest Flesh in the World’: Comparative Cannibalisms in John Mandeville’s Travels” — Caitlin Watt, UNC-Chapel Hill

“When the Margins Come Home in Shakespeare’s Titus Andronicus” — Matthew Charles Carter, UNC-Greensboro

“Mapping the Monstrous Margins” — Clark Donley, Tufts University


10.30-11.45: Margins and Morality
Greenlaw 104
Moderator: Kevin Kritsch

“The Mad, the Moral, and The Masculine: Subverting Social Boundaries in the English Revenge Tragedy” — Megan Denton, Virginia Commonwealth University

“‘Empress I am, but Yonder Sits the Emporer’: Women’s Agency as a Marginalizing Trait in Early Modern Revenge Tragedy” — Daniel Skoglund, Winona State University

“Margins of Error: Guilt and Responsibility in Malory’s Tale Eight” — Euan Griffiths, UNC-Chapel Hill


11.45-1.30: Luncheon
Donovan Lounge — 2nd Floor


1.30-2.45: Re-evaluating Texts and Sources
Greenlaw 104
Moderator: Rebecca Shores

“Reassessing Originality from the Margins of Renaissance Music Theory” — Samuel Brannon, UNC-Chapel Hill

“Write to Rule: From the Margins to Central Consciousness in English Literary Empire Making” — Melissa Ridley Elmes, UNC-Greensboro

“Reassessing the Apostles in the Old English Martyrology: Towards a Methodological Re- evaluation of Martyrological Source Analysis” — Kevin Kritsch, UNC-Chapel Hill


3.00-4.15: Documentary and Societal Marginalia
Greenlaw 104
Moderator: Vaughn Stewart

“Saint Margaret of Antioch in the Luttrell Psalter: Birth, Rebirth, and the Motif of Bodily Emergence” — Eva Sclippa, UNC-Chapel Hill

“The Margins of Philosophia: Theory and Practice in Boethius’ Consolation of Philosophy and the Illumination of a North Italian Manuscript” — Cliff Robinson, Duke University

“The Apothecary and the Inquisitor: Legal Sources and the Social Status of Apothecaries in Early Modern Venice” — Sean Parrish, Duke University



The coordinators of the NC Colloquium in Medieval and Early Modern Studies would like to thank the generous support of:

  • UNC Program in Medieval and Early Modern Studies
  • Duke Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies
  • UNC Institute for the Arts and Humanities
  • UNC Graduate School
  • UNC Department of History


You can download a PDF of the program here.